Awards & Recognition

Celebrating achievements and honoring individuals or organizations for exceptional performance or contribution.

HDFC Automation award 2022
Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited Award 2022
Viacom Automation award 2021
Kotak Automation award 2021

Who we are

Featsystems is a highly-regarded automation company that has established a global reputation for providing cutting-edge Hyper-Intelligent Automation Solutions & Services. Our success lies in our ability to leverage the power of this technology and other state-of-the-art tools to support the adoption of automation practices by our clients. We work tirelessly to help our customers achieve outstanding success and enhanced efficiency in their business operations.

At Featsystems, we pride ourselves on our end-to-end automation services. Our expert team provides comprehensive support for process discovery, design, deployment, and hyper-care activities. We use a wide range of automation components, including RPA, AI, OCR, BPM, and IoT, to enable businesses to scale and transform into fully automated enterprises.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional service has earned us recognition as a company feted for our expertise in automation. With Feat Systems as your partner, you can trust that we will help you stay ahead of the curve in adopting automation practices and driving growth in today's fast-paced business world.

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How we transform businesses

We use digital transformation and customer-centric approaches in our automation solutions to transform our customer's business processes.


Conversion of analog or physical information to digital format


Use of digital technologies to enable or improve business models and processes

Digital Transformation

Coordinated changes effort at scale, diffused through all aspects of the business

What we have done

We have proven track records in deploying hyper-intelligent automation solutions on a large scale. Our teams have worked across different industries by delivering measurable results

customer servered


Customer served

customer servered


Industries covered

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Process Automated

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Efficiency gained

Our Clients

What our customer speaks

What we use

Using our hyper-intelligent automation solutions, our customers gained the highest level of transformation and work efficiencies with all possible tangible and in-tangible benefits.

Why Feat

  • Automation focused niche company
  • Customer Centric Approach
  • Your one stop process automation shop
  • Certified and Dedicated Process Automation CoE for private as well as public sector companies
  • Agile Project Organization
  • 200+ automation experts
  • Our commitments for providing high-quality intelligent automation solutions that are flexible enough to meet your needs.

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