Account opening process in finance & banking

RPA automates Account opening process satisfying customer

  • Any banking company handles tons of customer applications for opening their account with the bank. Each application data needs to be updated in the data systems and decisions need to be taken, based on information collected, whether to allow a particular customer to open their account.
  • Robotic Automation can be used to automate “Account Opening” activity through online platforms securely. Accounts can be segregated based on the category of the account and regulations, offerings and benefits can be integrated through bots in the mainframe bank systems. Also, any inaccurate data can be immediately notified to the concerned authority as RPA follows strict rules and guidelines while scanning the customer data.
  • The advantage of RPA can be quoted in terms of customer satisfaction as customers need not stand in long queues and wait for hours to get their account opened in any bank. They can do with just a couple of clicks relaxing at home.

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