Account Opening/Customer On-boarding Automation

Industry - Leading Banking Services
Implementation Time - Within 12 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Our client was seeing a rapid increase in the customer requests through various support channels for opening new bank accounts which are processed by the employee manually.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Multiple teams are involved in the human and performing manual processing of data
  • Leading to time delays in completing the opening/on-boarding process
  • Chances of losing the new customers were high
  • Complex multiple data sources are manually correlated
  • In the process, employees had to interact with various back-office software

Our Solution

We deployed an RPA bot to automate the whole account opening/onboarding process of new customer's request details which was received through a chatbot support channel.

  • Chatbot self-service support channel is activated
  • Now chatbot starts interacting with the customers and gets the necessary details that are required for the opening/onboarding process
  • Then it passes all received data to the RPA bot
  • Bot reads and extracts necessary data
  • Bot also interacts with several multiple-banking systems and validates the data.
  • Bot the creates the new account automatically and sends its details to the client
  • Also, performs existing accounts checks

Automation Benefits

After automating the process, the impact was significant. Our client was able to retain its existing customers and also started gaining new ones.

  • Processing time was reduced
  • Improvement in the quality of services
  • Operational expenses were significantly reduced
  • Customer experience was enhanced
  • Process quality was also improved without any errors
  • 100% customer satisfaction

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