Amex Cobrand member enrolment Automation

Industry - Airline Company
Implementation Time - Within 5 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Processing the member enrolment requests manually that involves a lot of physical work and needed the human eye's attention to detail.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Process involves lengthy steps despite having the moderate volume
  • Taking a long time to accomplish manually
  • Possibility of human making error was likely to be high
  • Delayed in the process affected their service significantly

Our Solution

The solution was provided to automate every process step seamlessly with the help bot that reduces processing errors and incomplete applications also reduces the turnaround time of the enrolment cycle.

  • Bot will retrieve the SFTP server input data, reads and validates according to business rules
  • Bot creates files for upload in the general format and uploads the data in the CRIS application
  • Bot then generates the response code
  • Bot prepares, submits, and mails the appropriate report to the concerned stakeholders

Automation Benefits

The deployed RPA solution was very beneficial to our client and the outcome of automation can be seen through the following points.

  • 95% of automation efforts were from bot
  • No error was involved in the process
  • Required manual effort was reduced by 10%
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction at high levels
  • Processing time was much faster
  • Moral standards were increased in employees

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