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Automation Anywhere is a leading RPA software provider with engagement with their customers for over a decade. They offer platform-independent RPA core solutions which can be deployed both on-premise and on the cloud. With the drag and drop functionality and around 500 pre-configured bots, this easy-to-use software is perfect for medium and large businesses.

Having customer experience over varied domains like healthcare, pharmaceutical, and BFSI sectors, they are pioneers in offering scalable and extensive Support based solutions. It doesn’t just cater to implementation and Support but is very keen on providing the best security software architecture with central control.

With their marketing and positioning in the RPA market, they have created an enormous amount of user base and expertise. Having evaluated with an A+, Automation Anywhere is a complete ecosystem that helps customers develop Cutting-edge Automation solutions that are cost-effective and increase the productivity of the business.

Our achievements (our journey with AA)

  • Emerging partner of the year award 2020

    We were awarded the Emerging Partner of the year award, 2020 by Automation Anywhere. AA recognized our consistent efforts to deliver automation solutions to many of our customers and help them adapt to the RPA culture. We have created multiple Hyper-intelligent Automation solutions for our customers branching out into different domains of BFSI, Healthcare, and Retail domains. From our solutions, customers were able to generate recurring revenue and reduce the overall cost of the business with an increase in productivity.

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