Automation Setu (Bot as a Service)

Robots and humans possess complementary strengths when it comes to different types of tasks. While robots are highly proficient in performing repetitive and monotonous tasks, humans are better equipped to handle tasks that require critical thinking and contextual analysis. This creates an opportunity for businesses to harness the strengths of both robots and humans to create more efficient and effective solutions.

Automation Setu offers businesses of any size the ability to experience RPA Automation components through its Bot as a service platform, without the need to pay high licensing fees enables businesses to automate their routine and mundane tasks and allocate more time and resources toward tasks that require human intuition and judgment. Feat Systems specializes in developing and deploying cloud-based software robots that are highly integrated, secure, and scalable. By automating business processes through these software robots, businesses can achieve digital transformation and gain real-time insights that would otherwise be impossible to attain. This would help businesses operate more efficiently, make data-driven decisions, and provide improved customer experiences.

By embracing the strengths of both robots and humans, businesses can create innovative solutions that transform their operations and enhance their bottom line. Whether it's automating repetitive tasks, enabling human workers to focus on higher-level decision-making, or generating insights that drive business growth, the potential applications of this coupling are limitless. Through Automation Setu and Feat Systems' software robots, organizations can achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

What do we offer through Automation Setu?

Process Discovery

We identify processes for automation and provide an integrated workflow for your business to manage the end-to-end process orchestration.

Build & Deploy

We design, build, train, test, schedule, and deploy bots as per your specifications or process definitions.


We do complete maintenance & hyper-care related activities for the deployed bots.


We can scale to whatever size you need to expand the future automation you want in your business.


Our bots will do real-time interaction with the nominated business unit/user on decision making, process interruptions, process completion, etc.


Our bots will provide operational transparency & process insights by actively engaging process teams, sharing progress, and asking for help.

How secure are we?

Integration of Automation Setu requires companies to share their inside data, so that, the service can be delivered effortlessly. Hence, we make sure your data is safe and secure with us.


Security Training

Our team members undergo intensive training on data security protocols. We make sure that only limited and qualified team members have access to bots. All the bots data exchanged with the support staff would be maintained under high confidentiality and would not get disclosed under any circumstances.


Data Privacy

We can assure you that we don’t indulge in reselling or re-using your data. Until and unless we need data for operational reporting or troubleshooting, we permanently delete all the data from our systems.



All our public or private cloud servers are regularly updated, such that we work on the latest software and security patches. Our databases have backup mechanisms. We use encryption before utilizing your data, thereby adding protective layers to your company information.


Security Audits

We make sure our company is tested for any security issues regularly by inviting security researchers to conduct Audits.

Benefits of using Automation Setu

How it works?


Connect with us and share the details of your business processes along with its infrastructure, applications, environments, and network connectivity.


Design the workflow and publish your bots on our platform.


Scale your automation to any sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Automation Setu is a truly subscription-based automation cloud platform, where it would only cost based on Bot usage.

What is the subscription-based automation model?

Automation Setu would charge fixed subscription fees (hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) per business process automation.

Does subscription fees are fixed for every process?

No, subscription fees vary based on complexity, transaction volume, SLA/TAT, and schedule of any given business process.

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