Candidate Sourcing and Screening automation

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Key Challenges

To look for an appropriate employee was a time-intensive and therefore costly undertaking for companies.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The management team searches for applicants on the common portals based on the job description for the openings were done manually
  • Then copy the details and putting them in excel was again labouring also multiple FTE are involved in it
  • In situations when vacancies are increasing in the firm, the HR team was seen under pressure to choose the right individuals

Our Solution

The solution was made such that the bot performs the necessary steps to simply collect all the data and compare it with the job requirements list.

  • Bot retrieves all the existing opening from the company's intranet portal
  • Bot perform searches for candidates by job description on several job portals
  • Bot collects the data of the applied candidate's application from the portal as well as from the company website
  • Bot then filters out the main excel data for every opening and mails it to the manager keeping HR in CC

Automation Benefits

Automation can now relieve their HR departments significantly in their days of work of repetitive tasks.

  • 100% complete automation effort from the bot
  • A sudden increase in the process was visible
  • Improved quality of operations
  • FTE saving was at 100%
  • Maintains great satisfaction of customers

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