What is the Center of Excellence (CoE)?

Center of Excellence (CoE) helps an organization to gather, analyze, and handle information and skills required to implement any Intelligent Automation solution (RPA, AI, OCR, BPM and IoT) efficiently. It not only helps in the implementation phase but also guides the company to tackle any issues that might occur during or after the Automation journey.

Automation CoE

The role of a center of excellence in Intelligent Automation

Benefits of Intelligent Automation CoE in any organization

Process Visibility

Process Visibility

Process Mapping is a key to run any workflow efficiently. Companies map every process and make it visible to ensure easy identification of the process which needs to be optimized and automated. Hence, companies consider process visibility i.e., identifying inefficiencies in the current business process and mapping them as the first step to move towards digital transformation.

But how can COE help in such a process? COE team works with proximity to senior management that helps them get a wider picture of how processes are currently working and the condition of such a process. Having this information in hand, the COE team can easily identify problems in the process and help in eliminating unnecessary and repetitive steps. Not only does this ensure process efficiency also helps employees free up their time to concentrate on more value-added jobs.

What Featsystems Center of Excellence (CoE) does?

Feat systems are an intelligent automation solutions provider with a dedicated Center of Excellence. Our COE is well experienced and certified that is capable of handling various automation projects. We can help to implement end-to-end Hyper-intelligent automation solutions in all organizations. We use a unique methodology that will define your automation roadmap, establish a structured approach, and select the appropriate process and a tool to match your exact requirements. Also, we are priority partners with the world’s leading RPA provider’s UiPath & Automation anywhere.

We start by examining the key areas which need automation that triggers our automation journey. We then move to investigate the feasibility of the process using our “Digitalize Process Assessment Tool”. Finally, we collaborate with your team to design the customized Intelligent Automation solutions (includes RPA, AI, OCR, and BPM solutions) and conclude our journey by helping you implement the whole process. After the solution gets implemented, there is a high possibility that the process or workflow can be changed or updated. In such scenarios, CoE provides Support to continue the automation in the updated workflow without causing much delay. We have a Managed Bot Ecosystem dedicated to such Support Activities.

We are a boutique firm, solely focused on process automation, with more than 3 years of experience in the space and operationally having a presence in India & the United States of America.

We have expert level core competencies in various automation components such as RPA, OCR, AI, BPM.

We have 100+ certified, a highly-skilled, and experienced teams capable of automating any complex process automation.

We have a proven in-house skill development program for continuous team building.

We are a certified diamond partner with the top 2 RPA vendors.

We have rich experienced professionally ready project teams to work on the remote agile model for offshore projects.

Endorsed by the Global Leaders of RPA

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