Change Password

  • One of the most repetitive tasks in any IT company is to keep updating the passwords once every 15 days. For security reasons, this seems to be a good practice to be followed by all employees. But, for systems that are dedicated to some workflows, assigning this task to a person may cause a lot of issues. A person may forget to change the password every 15 days, or when the job is transferred to someone else, he might not remember the previously used password, etc.
  • To overcome such challenges, using RPA to change passwords seems to be a reasonable solution. By giving a document with details of login, it will input the current login details, change the password every 15 days, update the login details in the document and trigger a mail to the person in charge that the work is done.
  • This will help the company protect its security policies and make the work simpler and less human-dependent.

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