Cisco Switch Configuration Migration Automation

Industry - Leading System Integrator
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS*

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The Configuration/Migration switch was very tiring and taking a lot of time to complete the process
  • Needed highly skilled resources to execute the services
  • It requires extensive manual processing
  • The cost of operation involved was high
  • Errors by human causing the loss of time and effort in the process

Our Solution

Since the process was structured, and recurring rules with clear instructions made it suitable for automation. We design an RPA solution and apply it to the given process steps.

  • Post-reading the input excel file containing switches details the bot opens the Putty application and establishes a connection with each switch
  • After the connection is done BOT enters the specific command in the putty application and fetches details of switches
  • BOT then updates the details in an output text file and e-mail them to stakeholders involved

Automation Benefits

The automation solution offered our client with several benefits for both companies and employees that includes

  • Automation of 100% accomplished
  • After automation, the processing speed increased 10 times
  • Accuracy rating was 100%
  • Scalable 100% in peak times
  • Efficient automation of manual activities
  • Employees were redeployed to perform other value-added operations

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