CKYC Upload Automation

Industry - Leading Bank
Implementation Time - Within 2 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Due to small operational team availability, our client was facing the challenge of managing the application manually became tedious and error-prone.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Handling the CKYC Windows application and choosing certain tabs is extremely time-consuming
  • Cropping a file in an application takes extra time, which increases the TAT
  • Managing several file formats (PNG, TIFF, JPEG) and controlling the resolution and size of scanned picture files is a laborious task needed human intervention

Our Solution

The RPA solution was designed to perform the initial few steps of the process automatically to relieve the employees from doing manual and repetitive work.

  • Bot first connects into the CKYC application
  • Retrieves the customer id and branch to determine the precise location of the folder
  • Bot locates all files and manages file resolution and size (PNG, tiff, JPEG)
  • Bot uploads files and crops them based on the needs of the company
  • Bot generates reports on successful uploads and sends them to the user through email

Automation Benefits

Automation of the process achieved excellent outcomes and changes seen throughout the organization. Here are a few benefits provided by the RPA solution to the process.

  • Doesn't require handling each image file resolution and size
  • Results significant increase in productivity
  • Bring down the manual laboring
  • Minimize the amount of image rework
  • Time to process was made quicker
  • Employees moved to perform the task that provides higher value

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