CMS Complaints Download

Industry - Banking & Financial Services
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

The client process of CMS complaints download was labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The process is a very Repetitive, monotonous, and tedious task with no specialized skill required.
  • High dependency on individuals and the involvement of multiple departments lead to delay in the process.
  • Chances of human error, due to manual processing.

Our Solution

We deploy RPA solution in the CMS complaints download to eliminate the manual efforts required by the human workforce while automating the entire process.

  • The Bot was deployed, which perform end to end task smoothly.
  • The bot reads the complaints, fetch necessary data CMS website, download necessary details and attachments.
  • Bot formats the mail-in predefined format and sent it to specific stakeholders.

Automation Benefits

RPA assisted to make the process faster and more accurate giving more of its benefits.

  • Guarantees continuity of business during transactions influx
  • Error rate reduced to 0% due to automation
  • 100% Manual effort reduced.
  • Faster processing time
  • Employees were redeployed to work on other higher-value activities

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