CPGRMS Complaints Automation

Industry - Banking Sector
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS *

Some of the key challenges were:

  • It was a monotonous and repetitive job to perform a single request at a time
  • Manual processing of requests takes time
  • Achieving the outcome requires several touchpoints.
  • Manual processing has a high possibility of human error
  • Highly lean on the particular skill user leading to a processing delay

Our Solution

The solution was, performing complete steps by the bot directly to maintain continuity of complaint management.

  • Bot login into the CPGRAMS portal and downloads age-wise pendency reports
  • Bot then identifies the new complaints from downloaded reports and submit them for the CMS download process
  • Bot open complaints and retrieve data from the CPGRAMS portal.
  • After that bot sends an escalating mail to the concerned stakeholder in a certain format using fetch data

Automation Benefits

The deployed solution helped streamline, automate, and improved the process quality. Some of the automation benefits are as follows:

  • Error rate was reduced to 0%
  • No manual efforts required
  • Processing time becomes quicker
  • Significant improvement of service levels from 3-4 days to same day
  • Optimizing branch staff utilization
  • Better and more user-friendly experience
  • Financial compliance and regulatory risk minimized

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