Employee Background Verification Automation

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Key Challenges

Performing verification of new employee details against a large number of datasets was time-consuming it requires a very high level of accuracy.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The work needs to keep track of new employees whose background verification remaining which possibly have been missed out or delayed.
  • Also sending mail to the employer, HR has to monitor the response, verify, and then sending a follow-up email was an extremely boring task.
  • High chances of missing updates and error

Our Solution

The solution made for the process to automate tracking and cross-verifying the employee details without any human intervention easily.

  • The bot keeps a track of all the new candidates and sends a verification main in a pre-defined format and updates the same in the application.
  • Bot receives the updates at a specific time and cross-verify.
  • Bot update the response in Microsoft Dynamics and updates HR via mail
  • Bot finally generates log master reports and sends them to HR.

Automation Benefits

Bot eases the process and gives the results within a shorter time adding more benefits to the organization.

  • 100% automation effort by the BOT
  • Bot performs without any errors
  • No human intervention
  • Saved monthly 350 hours of labour
  • Makes processing faster
  • Improvement in the data security

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