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Change in Customer Service standards is very evident in today’s digital world. Since businesses are struggling to sustain themselves with this quick change, a huge demand for the second machine age era of technology solutions can be witnessed in the market.

In the last few years, sales and support channels have changed considerably. Now with the pandemic hitting the global market, the number of messages, queries, and customer requests has shot up considerably.

Have you asked your customers today about what they expect or what is on their priority wish list? If not, let us tell you what their top responses would be: they are looking for customer services that have 24-hour availability, quick response time, and are Omni-channel.

If you want to change the scope of customer service at your business, we recommend you to start using and seeing the value of chatbots for your customer service:


It is anticipated that the chatbot market will increase from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion in 2024 at 29.7% (CAGR).


By 2020, 80% of companies will have some kind of chatbot automation.


Customer service costs can be saved by chatbots up to 30%.


More than 50 % of customers expect a company to be available 24/7.

Introducing FIBO a support advisor to you in enhancing your customer support experience.

About Fibo Chatbot

Fibo is an “Intelligent Text Analytics System” chatbot which was particularly developed for customer support satisfaction in mind. It analyzes and understands the sentiment of the user’s request to extract the necessary entities and replies to such requests in real-time.

FIBO chatbot provides personalized customer care at your fingertip. They provide end-to-end Sales, Marketing, and Support Management to the customer as and when required.

Fibo Objective

In sales marketing and support management service perspective, the main objective is


To have a better conversation


To convert leads to opportunities


To improve productivity and the performance of your team.


To improve customer advocacy

Key Features

Fibo Benefits

FIBO is independent and can also be a self-support channel for IRIS

FIBO is quick in replying to an instant response within seconds.

FIBO can work in any business environment. It is scalable and can deliver a better customer experience.

Increased customer engagement, Fibo helps the customer to find what he is looking for and also classify based on various recommendations.

Adequate in understanding whether the customer is new or existing.

FIBO is 24/7 available to engage with the customers, to deal with information-based questions, and to reduce support service tickets.

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