Insurance Claim Process

Industry - Insurance Sector
Implementation Time - Within 5 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

The process for claims reliant on the application, and availability of auditors so the process becomes inefficient and takes a long time that prevented in quicken their manual process.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Manually registering a claim with multiple touchpoints was making the process very lengthy and was making it difficult to cope up with a continuously growing business.
  • For registering claims, they were using legacy system which was less popular software, hence getting the expertise on it is always a challenge.
  • Since the claim was processed manually the chances of human error were very high.

Our Solution

To overcome challenges, we suggested automating their manual claiming process using our digital (RPA) software robots that make the process fast and error-free.

  • RPA Bot fetch the claim request data from Insurance Claim registering web portal SQL Database and generate an XML file.
  • A dynamic framework template designed which reads the XML file and push the data in the system reading screen coordinates and register the claims.
  • Post registering the claims, the bot updates claim into the web portal generates reports, and sends it to the concerned stakeholders.

Automation Benefits

Our RPA solution has helped customers to benefit immensely in several terms of process efficiency, increase productivity, and fast service.

  • Reduced processing time drastically.
  • Degree of robotization: 100% of effort automated.
  • Operational cost reduced
  • The error rate in processing reduced to 0%
  • Employees got redeployed to perform higher-value activities
  • Reduction of over-reliance on skilled FTE

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