Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Licensing

RPA licensing is an approach that brings forth a consistent and robust end-to-end Automation platform. It allows companies to select optimized licenses to scale their RPA operations while attaining significant growth and rapid ROI.

RPA licensing model

The RPA licensing concept is complicated and hard to understand, particularly for beginners as there are many different licenses for the orchestrator, the studio, and especially for the RPA bots. It requires proper advice from a vendor to select the required components and licenses when purchasing a license. In this way, you can only acquire the required software and robot licenses.

Orchestrator- Enterprise architecture server platform supporting: release management, centralized logging, reporting, auditing, and monitoring tools, remote control, centralized scheduling, queue/robot workload management, and asset management. The number of Orchestrator licenses is dependent on the number of environments that you plan, we recommend a minimum of 1 to be deployed.

Development Studio- Enables users to automate with highly intuitive tools (not code) like process recorders, drag & drop widgets & best practices templates. The number of Studio licenses is dependent on the number of developers that are intended.

  • Attended Robots - Delivers higher performance assisted by a front office agent to deliver automation at a lower cost of service.
  • Unattended Robots - These robots utilize unattended automation to run high Unattended transaction volumes in batch mode.

Feat Systems RPA licensing services

Licensing Recommendations

Based on specific requirements in the company we will recommend you pick the components and required licenses as per your needs to prevent you from obtaining false or unwanted licenses.

License Procurement

Feat Systems offers the procurement of inexpensive licenses for the Orchestrator, the Studio, and the RPA-Bots. We can also handle the extension of the current licenses for you in addition to the re-licensing.

Support & Installation

Installing, activating, and managing the ongoing licenses can be time-consuming and complex. Our experts can take care of this for you by working on-site or remotely so that no difficulties emerge during operations.

Your Advantage or Benefits

No unnecessary costs due to unnecessary licenses

Attractive conditions through reseller and partner status

No time-consuming training in the licensing concept

Fast and uncomplicated acquisition of the licenses

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