Managed Bot Ecosystem Services

We find robots in all sectors of the business process, and these bots are autonomous agents that are necessary to be managed periodically for better efficiency. Otherwise, it will fail to avoid such crash we build a solid foundation for scaling the digital workforce by managing multiple bot hyper-care activities effectively.

Every company wants to gain maximum advantage exploiting the RPA world while they are meeting all ends to implement automation processes in all verticals that are part of their business. But, what organizations fail to recognize are the pitfalls that become visible after implementing the bot that turns organizations against the RPA initiative and ultimately forces the business to stop enjoying the fruits of this initiative ecosystem.

“What happens after RPA bot is implemented?”, is the common question that bothers all these businesses. A bot is built with predetermined rules for mimicking the human activity. As these bots are predominantly used by large companies, a separate team is required to manage the maintenance of these bots. Hence, scalability and maintenance cause a big challenge after onboarding bots into the business workflows.

Managed Bot Ecosystem

Feat system’s Bot Management (Monitoring & Maintenance)

  • Every business functionality keeps changing every now and then. It can be a complete change in the process itself, or there may be a new update that is internal to the application or the company may want to apply security patches to some of the software applications. Ideally, a robot is used to mimic human activities to handle such processes and applications. For this activity, a bot is designed with predefined and repetitive steps. If there is a slight change in the process or application, a bot will fail to recognize the changing scenarios that will impact the whole automation process and business.
  • To avoid such a negative impact on the workflow, the best solution is to continue the control of automation activities along with identifying gaps proactively, addressing possible conflicts or overcoming potential downtime.
  • We, at Feat Systems, understand these problems and take responsibility to provide a solution by using “Multiple bot Hyper care activities” which helps maintain bot ecosystem support through scalability and control. Not only this, but we also promise to provide end to end bot ecosystem services that include:

Process and Bot Monitoring

Our Ecosystem helps monitor various workloads, handle the exceptions which are caused by unidentified scenarios (change in the flow of the process), and manage the queues carrying such large volumes of transactions.


We provide L1 and L2 support for scaling purposes by collaborating with development teams to seek help for problem resolution.


If the bot discovers any bug or if there are minor updates within the automation processing, we handle such scenarios.

Deployment Support

When there are new steps to be added or if there are some steps that need to be updated, such codes are developed and sent to production as a part of this ecosystem.

Advantages of having Bot Managed Ecosystem Services

Bot Managed ecosystem will be successful in providing high-level quality automation across the organization with:

Our Core functionalities



Systems access, compliance to policies & procedures


Tools & tech

Infrastructure support, tools choices & licenses



Development & deployment



Maintaining support & monitoring

Bots require constant nurturing even after implementation through continuous monitoring and maintenance throughout their lifecycle. A major start to the Bot Support Ecosystem is to provide a thorough understanding of the processes to the support team which not only helps improve the efficiency of the team but also allows effective prevention of disasters.

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