Managed Bot Ecosystem (Hyper-care) Services

In today's dynamic business landscape, Software robots or bots have become pervasive in various sectors, functioning as autonomous agents that demand regular management for peak efficiency. Overlooking this critical aspect can result in risks of crashes and failures. To proactively safeguard against such risks and establish a robust foundation for scaling the digital workforce, our expertise lies in effectively managing a diverse range of Bot Management (hyper-care) Services. By leveraging you can optimize the performance and reliability of your bot ecosystem, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation with confidence.

Every organization aspires to harness the full potential of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), striving to implement automation across various verticals within their business. However, what often goes unnoticed are the pitfalls that arise post-bot implementation, eroding the initial enthusiasm and impeding the realization of benefits from the RPA ecosystem.

The question that haunts many businesses is, "What happens after the RPA bot is deployed?" Bots are crafted with predetermined rules to mimic human activities, but what organizations fail to realize is that managing these bots requires dedicated teams, particularly in the case of large-scale deployments. The challenges of scalability and maintenance loom large after onboarding bots into business workflows, necessitating actual management to ensure smooth operations. This often proves to be a significant challenge, and if not addressed effectively, it can hinder the seamless integration of bots into the business processes, thwarting the desired outcomes of the RPA initiative.

At the core of the issue lies the need for businesses to recognize that RPA implementation goes beyond just deploying bots. It requires robust strategies and mechanisms to manage post-implementation challenges, such as scalability and maintenance, to ensure the sustained success of the RPA initiative. Only then can organizations fully reap the benefits of the RPA bot ecosystem and continue to leverage automation to gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Managed Bot Ecosystem or Bot Management Service for Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Business functionalities are constantly evolving, with changes in processes, internal updates, and security patches being common occurrences. Bots are designed to mimic human activities in handling such tasks with predefined and repetitive steps. However, when there are slight changes in processes or applications, bots may fail to adapt, leading to disruptions in automation and business operations.
  • To mitigate the negative impact on workflow, the best approach is to maintain control over automation activities while proactively identifying gaps, addressing conflicts, and overcoming potential downtime. At Feat Systems, we understand these challenges and take responsibility for providing services through our "Multiple Bot Management Hyper-Care Activities" that ensure scalability and control in maintaining the bot ecosystem.
  • Our end-to-end Bot Management ecosystem services encompass comprehensive support to ensure smooth operations and optimal performance.

Process Discovery

Our Process Discovery methodology seamlessly integrates and optimizes automation across diverse business processes, cutting implementation time by over half. By identifying and addressing automation opportunities, we enhance efficiency, and productivity, and minimize resources needed for implementation.

Process Implementation

We seamlessly integrate your business processes with custom intelligent automation solutions in the implementation process. Our developers orchestrate workflows and validate rollouts meticulously, ensuring smooth bot integration that enhances synergy and optimizes overall business performance.

Process & Bot Monitoring

Our Ecosystem is designed to monitor diverse workloads, effectively handle exceptions arising from unidentified scenarios (such as changes in process flows), and expertly manage queues carrying large volumes of transactions.


For seamless scaling, we provide L1 and L2 support by collaborating with development teams for effective problem resolution. Our agile approach enhances bot performance with seamless updates for continuous improvement.


If we find bugs or need minor updates in the automation process, we take proactive steps to address and resolve them. Our attentive bot management Hypercare approach ensures quick identification and efficient handling of any issues to keep automation processes smooth and uninterrupted.


Leverage our analytics solution for valuable insights that empower your business to monitor, measure, and oversee the bot's performance after the process automation. This feature enables you to effortlessly elevate your automation journey to new heights.

Benefits of Managing Bot Ecosystem Services

Our Managing bot Ecosystem Services will be successful in providing high-level quality automation across the organization with:

Our Core functionalities



Systems access, compliance to policies & procedures


Tools & tech

Infrastructure support, tools choices & licenses



Development & deployment



Maintaining support & monitoring

Bots require constant nurturing even after implementation through continuous monitoring and maintenance throughout their lifecycle. A major start to the Bot Support Ecosystem is to provide a thorough understanding of the processes to the support team which not only helps improve the efficiency of the team but also allows effective prevention of disasters.

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