Manual data entry in insurance industry

RPA Handling manual data entry process

  • Employees of Insurance agencies spend much time entering data manually, which is a separate process in an agency other than just extracting information in different external sources. Filing the claims still takes place manually, where the claim handler has to enter data from the application to the applicant’s CRM or personal database.
  • For RPA to handle this process, a digital claim needs to get generated, after which the bot would take care of fetching and placing the data at the appropriate places. A Digital Claim can get generated using technology software called OCR, but it has its limitations.
  • The digitization of claim forms is still under the scope of improvement as various technologies of Artificial Intelligence is being researched to get 100% translation of Claim information Digitally.
  • Such Claim processes still can be subjected to the RPA process where the manual scope lies in converting the form digitally, and the robot can complete the remaining part of the work.

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