Mediclaim process in healthcare

RPA a solution to Mediclaim process

  • Ever wondered why most of the Mediclaim processes are being outsourced by the healthcare industry? It is a very labor-intensive, tedious, and high-risk process where Health Insurance companies dedicate themselves to handle such processes. But what if the RPA process could be implemented to handle such Mediclaim processes? It will reduce the cost of outsourcing to count the least.
  • A statistical fact points that $3.2 billion (approx.) is lost every year just because of errors in the manual processes. These errors may occur while checking and fixing claims for member eligibility, duplicate claims, timely filing, searching and extracting data, and other Mediclaim related activities.
  • Since these processes are very routine and repetitive, they are the perfect use case for RPA implementation. Also, Bots ensure 100% accuracy and work much faster than the manual process making the Mediclaim process less tedious and more efficient. RPA can save money, manpower, and time making Mediclaim an integral part of the Healthcare industry.

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