Memory Utilization Check Automation

Industry - Automobile Company
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS*

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The amount of logged tickets for the memory utilization of machines was very high in the number
  • More time was consumed by the specialized required resources to resolve the tickets
  • Immense escalation rate

Our Solution

The solution was given to perform work steps that can be simplified with the RPA bot.

  • Bot logs into the portal of the ticketing and filters memory utilization
  • Bot fetches information of the user and machine and checks the existing use of the memory
  • If the utilization is high, the ticket would be allocated to the IT engineer
  • If it is low, the ticket closes with the status update

Automation Benefits

The following aspects are the benefits of switching to RPA that have significantly improved the process after implementation.

  • Robotization automated effort by 80%
  • Reduced the dependence on FTE expertise
  • Keeping customers satisfied at high levels
  • Reduction of efforts: 70% - 80%
  • Usage of Skilled resources made better
  • Enhance the productivity of the organization

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