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Key Challenges

It was tiresome for the HR department to visit every channel or portal and post a job or advertise for the opening.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Manually posting for every new opening on multiple advertising channels or portals can be a long-winded and tedious activity.
  • Possibilities of making an error during processing
  • The demand on HR increases as the vacancies grow and tasks are restricted with fewer resources.

Our Solution

The bot performs certain steps and auto-post the new opening jobs on various portals seamlessly.

  • Bot fetches all essential data from the intranet portal of the firm
  • Bot connects into the different channels and creates job descriptions for openings
  • Bot produce and deliver a report on jobs uploaded to HR

Automation Benefits

Bot independently eases the HR teams and gives benefits after the automation.

  • 95% of the processing effort was from a bot
  • 0% error while performing
  • Reduce 10% of manual labor
  • Monthly efforts were saved by 350 hours
  • Processing speed time was faster
  • Data Security increases

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