OTS Repayment Process Automation

Industry - Leading Bank
Implementation Time - Within 4 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Reading numerous files and filtering out multiple files to process further was taking a significant amount of time
  • Possible human error while comparing several files and delivering SMS to consumers via API
  • Sending SMTP emails to numerous stakeholders requires additional human intervention

Our Solution

The solution was developed for the bot to execute the steps like a human that automates the OTS process saves time and removes the human dependency.

  • Bot was programmed to activate on Saturdays
  • Bot reads warehouse data Report and previous week fetched repayment data
  • Bot filters out several files based on business rules
  • Then bot creates numerous output files that are subsequently emailed over SMTP
  • Bot uses API to deliver numerous SMS messages to consumers

Automation Benefits

The benefits and the results after the automation were great, with improvements evident all over the process. Some benefits that the RPA solution brings to the process are as follows:

  • No need for manual trigger SMS to customers
  • Performed without any error
  • Bot was efficient in managing the process
  • Notable improvements in productivity
  • Manual laboring decreased
  • Operators were reassigned to execute higher-value tasks

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