Patient registration process in healthcare

Robotic process automation (RPA) a solution to patient registration process

  • Most of the healthcare processes are repetitive. Hence, implementing Automation solutions in Healthcare industries is a huge profit to the company.
  • One of the best use cases for RPA Implementation is for the Patient Registration process.
  • Patient Registration deals with:
    • 1. Collecting information from the patients as required by the hospital.
    • 2. Conducting background verification of some of the data presented by the patients.
    • 3. Finally, integrating and updating all the patient’s records with current problems in one place.
  • Performing these tasks manually is very time-consuming and may lead to a lot of human error. Also, patients have to wait in the queue to submit their application if done manually.
  • RPA in Patient Registration will not only reduce the time and efficiency of the process but also help in gaining customer satisfaction with a competitive benefit. RPA can be used in setting up accounts, verifying histories, processing enrolments, managing benefits, billing and customer service, various other healthcare activities.
  • Hence, healthcare bot can replace a manual workforce to do such mundane tasks and focus more on other diagnostic and analytical jobs. Also, an RPA database can be used to book appointments with the doctors and provide the doctor with all the information with just a click.

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