Physical to Virtual (P2V) Machine creation Automation

Industry - Leading System Integrator
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS*

Some of the key challenges were:

  • It was a highly time-consuming task
  • Requires multiple FTE to perform
  • It requires extensive manual processing and constant supervision
  • Due to dependence on professional resources, the process was mostly delayed

Our Solution

The solution was made for the process steps to be carried out in full or in part directly by the RPA bot to boost the process substantially.

  • Bot reads the data in excel format, takes access, and installs VMware on the physical machine
  • Bot opens the installed application and begins the conversion process entering the inputs when necessary
  • Bot tracks the process until the completion and when the work gets ended it produces the report and sends it to relevant stakeholders

Automation Benefits

After automating the process, the bot produces results quickly with the following benefits:

  • Bot takes 100% effort in automation
  • Processing time was faster
  • No error (0%) in the process
  • Improved level of operational service
  • FTE savings of 100%
  • Continue in maintaining customer satisfaction at a high level

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