• When you want to automate anything fast, you need a platform.
  • When you want to integrate with anything, anywhere, fast and secure, you need a platform.
  • When you want to bring your business and IT together, to deliver results fast, at scale, you need a platform.
  • The platform of platforms has arrived.
FeatSystems Pigeon

About Pigeon

Pigeon is a cloud-based end-to-end “Automation AS A Service” platform designed with “automation first mentality” and important attributes of hyper-intelligent automation in mind.

The core objective of building this platform is to provide various business automation solutions that offer end-to-end business process management along with intelligent automation capabilities which gradually transform the entire business under one roof.


  • Business Workflow
  • Process Orchestration


  • Decision Making
  • Classification


  • Document Data Collection


  • Mundane Tasks
  • Bot Orchestration

Pigeon Benefits

One-stop Automation shop for entire “Business Transformation

How Pigeon works

Our ready to use solutions

With the PIGEON Automation platform, a business can integrate all the workflows and work must faster to improve the efficiency of the overall business. Instead of using Bots for individual activities or automating a small functionality, using an integrated automation platform like PIGEON will save a lot of time and effort.

Two of the massive functionalities of managing Customer queries and Vendor management can illustrate using IRIS and PIGEON-iVIPS solutions:

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