Pigeon Pricing and Features

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FeatSystems Pigeon
PriceFree₹5,00,000/Month₹10,00,000/MonthCall Feat
ProcessesSingle Process(for 1 month)1 to 1010 to 2525+
Upgrades & Patches
Ongoing SupportBasic SupportStandard supportStandard supportScope driven
Professional Services

Setup-fee –₹3,00,000

Setup-fee –₹5,00,000

Scope driven

Key Capabilities

Business Case Analysis
Program / Project governance
Benefit realization
Portfolio Planning & Prioritization

Key Functionality

TaxonomyStandard TemplateStandard TemplateConfigurable TemplateExtensible Template
Workflow & NotificationPredefinedPredefinedConfigurable TemplateExtensible Template
Access Control
Audit TrailConfigured to standard taxonomyConfigured to customer taxonomy
  1. All Pigeon pricing plans given above for cloud model only which includes licenses cost of RPA and BPM only, hardware/infrastructure cost, Implementation cost and support cost.
  2. Hardware cost for on-premise model, will be an additional investment from customer end.
  3. AI components and OCR tools licenses used for any process automation, will be an additional investment from customer end on actual basis.

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