Posting Employee Training Details

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Key Challenges

For the HR team, it was very tiresome to visit each channel every time to post employee training details.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Updating training data in Microsoft dynamics manually and Intranet portal for each employee was a monotonous and time-consuming task
  • They need to keep complete track and was necessary to update frequently
  • High possibilities of missing updates and error

Our Solution

The bot was scheduled to post-training details for different channels from one place and auto post to the relevant portal.

  • Bot filter and reads the mail regarding the employee training
  • Bot verifies the training details of the employee
  • Bot updates every detail of training related input in Microsoft dynamics and various Intranet portal
  • Bot the generates the completed job log and sends it to HR

Automation Benefits

Deployed bot for automation now considerably eases HR staff from performing this repetitive and tedious task.

  • Bot automates 95% of the process
  • Performance without any errors
  • Manual labor decreased by 10%
  • Saved monthly 350 hours of labor
  • Process was working faster
  • Enhance data protection

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