Pre-audit Preparation Automation

Industry - Banking & Financial Services
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

The process relies upon the applications and the auditors which stopped their manual process from accelerating.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The process was highly time-consuming that involve downloading various reports from the different banking applications, consolidating the report with necessary data massaging, and updating the same in a pre-formatted macro-enabled MIS excel file.
  • Adding a human dependency gives further delay in the completion of the internal audit process.
  • The process was having a high chance of human error.

Our Solution

The RPA software bots were programmed to execute the pre-audit preparation process that performed fast and accurately.

  • The bot seamlessly interacts with various applications and extract the required data from them.
  • The bot consolidates this downloaded data and does necessary data massaging in excel as per the set business rules.
  • The bot copies data into a pre-formatted macro-enabled MIS excel file and runs macros to create the MIS reports and place the same in the specified folder and intimately concerned stakeholder through the mail.

Automation Benefits

RPA removes the layoffs and increases the peace of the pre-audit preparation process by giving some automation benefits

  • Drastically shortened processing time.
  • Robotisation level: 100% automatic effort.
  • Error rate decreased to 0%
  • 98% drop in manual effort
  • Employees were redeployed to use their skills in higher-value complex activities

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