Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training

We have developed a distinctive RPA training approach that focuses on empowering the essential roles within an RPA Center of Excellence. Our formula combines self-paced and instructor-led training modules to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Our RPA Training Module

Feat provides an unparalleled opportunity to attain RPA expertise through our distinctive professional certification training methods. Our seasoned instructors employ interactive, hands-on exercises to enrich your learning experience and foster practical skill development, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of RPA concepts. Our training (Service) modules are thoughtfully designed to equip you with the skills necessary to excel and be in high demand in the rapidly growing field of IT. With our tailored approach, you'll become productive and sought-after, poised to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic RPA industry.

Our RPA training module divided into two distinct parts, each of which plays a crucial role in comprehensively understanding the topic.

Non-technical Training

RPA Awareness

  • Target group - non-technical roles, process owners, business representatives

It provides a solid foundation in RPA technology, showcasing how process automation can create value for organizations. Moreover, it goes beyond theoretical knowledge by enabling you to understand how RPA implementation works within the broader enterprise context, including the piloting phase and its impact on typical operational phases. This unique approach equips you with a comprehensive understanding of RPA implementation, allowing you to effectively plan, design, and deploy automation solutions that deliver tangible benefits. With our training, you'll gain the expertise needed to make a meaningful impact in organizations by leveraging the power of RPA technology.

Business Analyst

  • Target group - Business analysts, process SMEs

It offers a unique opportunity to gain essential knowledge of systematically documenting processes in a manner tailored for assessment and implementation on RPA platforms. You'll learn how to identify and overcome technical hurdles, make rough estimates of implementation time during the conception and development phases, calculate ROI, and manage the documentation lifecycle up to release.

Technical Training

RPA Developer

  • Target group - RPA developers, solution architects

RPA developers, solution architects It enables you to gain hands-on knowledge and proficiency in operating the RPA programming environment. You'll learn how to plan the architecture, utilize special automation features, and set up RPA automation for simple and medium-sized processes. Our training provides comprehensive coverage of the entire RPA workflow, from understanding the programming environment to effectively implementing automation solutions. With our practical approach, you'll develop the skills needed to successfully design, deploy, and manage RPA solutions for various process complexities, making you well-equipped to tackle real-world automation challenges.

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