UPI and IMPS Complaints Automation

Industry - Banking & Financial Services
Implementation Time - Within 6 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

In this scenario, the employee is expected to work manually which is time-consuming, and update the information to various systems.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Multiple Applications were involved in the process viz. Siebel, Finacle, SSRS, Outlook, Excel, and a web portal.
  • Directed and manually processed by multiple support teams.
  • High manual processing time for analyzing, validating, finalizing, and updating the data into multiple systems.
  • High transaction volume with TAT of 2 days having multiple employees working on it.

Our Solution

Our RPA bots a solution has eliminated employee manual effort related task which was involved during the UPI and Complaints process and enabled process efficiency.

  • Design a robust solution that integrates with multiple systems, verifies & analyzes the data.
  • Post verification Bot takes the appropriate actions, mail the report to the concerned stakeholder, and also updates the request in Siebel.
  • Configure the Backend Database and used store procedures to optimize the processing time wherever possible.

Automation Benefits

Our RPA bots helps to automate such processes by providing the business with important, observable benefits.

  • Degree of robotization: 90% of effort automated.
  • Reduction in operational costs.
  • 0% Error rate
  • Reduced Manual effort by 15%
  • Processing time decreased up to 75%
  • Employees were redeployed to higher-value activities
  • Ensure business continuity during transactions influx

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