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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service

Our RPA service approach for automation and discovering new business opportunities for any size of the industry

Robotic Process automation (RPA) services provider: Intelligent tool that helps you avoid constant repetition

Robotic Process Automation is gaining popularity in all areas of the business world. It has already acclaimed the title of Industry’s leading tool with innovative RPA solutions which promises to digitally transform different industry sectors. The technology, being known for its scalability and accuracy, has shown significant changes/improvements inside the business core providing improved productivity, high-quality customer services, reduced business cost, and improved compliance.

We, at Feat, recognize ourselves as the promising RPA Service Provider in India. We have successfully partnered with UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Power Automate to deliver the best RPA services to our customers. Our experiences and certificates in the advanced level associates show our reliability in giving you end-to-end RPA solutions as services. We believe in delivering the projects right on time with personalized solutions designed exclusively for your business workflow.

Companies that adopt RPA automation will have a competitive advantage

  1. Faster service

    From days to minutes

  2. Improved Quality

    100% quality control every time

  3. Lower cost

    30% or more

  4. Increased Flexibility

    Operate 24/7 and scale up/down

  5. Distinctive Insights

    More data and trace for advance analytics

Our RPA implementation approach

Our dedicated team members will help and take the responsibility of complete implementation (life cycle) of RPA which is required for a successful automation journey. It includes:

RPA implementation life cycle

Our RPA Services Offering

Our approach is giving Right structural planning execution to achieve a positive outcome of the process.

At Feat, we follow a holistic approach to provide integrated solutions to transform all the tedious manual workflows into Bot-enabled Automation workflows. Find below the summary of end-to-end services we offer to all our customers:

Consulting services & solutions

  • Identify workforce to adopt and work with Bots.
  • Examine and propose the best RPA strategy for the workflow.
  • Evaluate and suggest the best RPA tool for the identified workflow.
  • Analyze and prioritize workflow using Process Assessment Tool.

RPA implementation services

  • Identify and assess RPA opportunities within the business.
  • Design and build RPA workflow for the identified scope of business.
  • Implement software bots to run the workflows.
  • Manage the end-to-end process using our CoE team.
  • Provide continuous post-deployment support.

Managed Bot Ecosystem/Support

  • Provide continuous Support after RPA Implementation.
  • Support Security, Governance, and Compliance.
  • Handle Bot Monitoring, control, and maintain process scalability and correct failures.
  • Improve and optimize the process as per customer standards to achieve the highest QUALITY


  • Offer RPA Training services with an experienced trainer.
  • Provide training on globally recognized RPA tools like UiPath and Automation Anywhere.
  • Offer tool-specific advance technical and non-technical training mandatory for every trainee.

License Procurement

  • Priority partner for UiPath and Automation Anywhere.
  • Follow strong mechanisms to identify the right licenses required for Automation.

Our Track Record

We have proven track records in deploying hyper-intelligent automation solutions on a large scale. Our teams have worked across different industries by delivering measurable results

customer servered

> 38+

Customer served

customer servered

> 7+

Industries covered

customer servered


Process Automated

customer servered

> 90%

Efficiency gained

What industries does Feat serve?

As the world is digitally transforming, the last decade has witnessed the entry of the majority of the industries in the Automation world.

We, at Feat, have managed to build our Automation competencies in 6-8 industries and extend our capabilities in other sectors that come forward for digital transformation.

Find below the list of industries which we have provided our excellent solutions:

Finance and Banking- Account Opening Process, Account Closure, MF Reconciliation, Mortgage Processing, Fraud Detection

Insurance Claims Processing, Policy Cancellation, Regulatory Compliance, Manual Data Entry, New business and underwriting

Retail Master Data Management, ERP Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Return Processing, Customer Support Management

Manufacturing Bill of Materials, Administration & Reporting, Customer Support and Service Desk, Data Migration, Logistics Data Automation

Healthcare Patient Registration, Schedule Appointment, Discharge Instructions, Mediclaim, Audit Processes

Airline- Managing Data, Updating Travelers, Crew scheduling Recovery of outdated system files, Identifying revenue leakage

Logistics Tracking & delivery status, Inventory control, Management of purchasing, Planning supply and demand, Intelligent documentation

Media Order Processing, Daily Report Process, Aircheck Process, Vendor Contract Renewal, TO process

RPA Platform we use

We use a variety of enterprise-ready open-source platforms that are top leaders in the automation market. Including RPA tools, we also make use of technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to build intelligent bots that will assist to make more informed decisions.

  1. Uipath
  2. Automation Anywhere
  3. Microsoft workflow (Power Automate)

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