CMS Complaints Upload Automation

Industry - Leading Bank
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Employees had to validate and manually add the received complaints was a time-consuming task that needed accuracy.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Highly reliable on individuals and participation by several departments lead to delays in the process
  • Repetitive and laborious job not requiring specialist expertise
  • Human interventions can lead to a processing error

Our Solution

The solutions made to automate the process steps of received data information of complaints to be uploaded.

  • The bot scans the email and collects the information & necessary attachments
  • The bot then logs in, search and open a complaint using the CMS online site
  • Bot modify or edit the complaint and complete the relevant fields with the data
  • Finally, the bot saves the complaint by uploading the attachment

Automation Benefits

Bot enhances the process and provides the results after automation.

  • Guarantees continuation of business throughout transactions influx
  • Bot performs without any errors
  • The manual handling process decreased to 5%
  • Employees were assigned to perform the other higher valued tasks for the business

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