RPA Licensing

We have a solid assessment mechanism to identify required optimized licenses to automate processes. Hence we can be your preferred partners to procure your licenses & manage.

Attended Robots

Delivers higher performance assisted by a front office agent to deliver automation at a lower cost of service.

Unattended Robots

These robots utilize unattended automation to run high Unattended transaction volumes in batch mode.

Development Studio

Enables users to automate with highly intuitive tools (not code) like process recorders, drag & drop widgets & best practices templates. The number of Studio licenses is dependent on the number of developers that are intended.


Enterprise architecture server platform supporting: release management, centralized logging, reporting, auditing and monitoring tools, remote control, centralized scheduling, queue/robot workload management, and asset management. The number of Orchestrator licenses is dependent on the number of environments that you plan, we recommend a minimum of 1 to be deployed.

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